White Noise lyrics by Will Wood 2022

White Noise lyrics

They paint the walls with colors that you’re not meant to notice
Beiges and browns, off-whites and grayscales
Fluorescent lights to shine on the eggshell ground
Now you’re lying face down
You blend into the background
Of white,noise

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They fill the halls with tunes you can’t get into your head
Four four and Dorian, wrote ’em for ignoring ’em, yeah
It sorta sounds like a retro top 40 but wrong
You’re not meant to sing along
It isn’t that kind of song
It’s white,noise Contact Us

But if you listen closely I swear
To God, I swear
You can hear the ocеan if you hold it up to your ear here!


White Noise lyrics by Will Wood 2022

Check one, two, check one, two
It’s high-fidelity
Lossless quality
It’s MP, one, two, three, four, five, F-L-A-C
It’s polyphonic
The new Philharmonic
With a Juilliard doctorate
Live from the Metropolitan
It’s theoretically dense
It’s impressive
It’s microtonal and it challenges Western notions of art!
It’s post-avant-garde
It’s going places ’cause it comes from the heart
And it’s personality’s a lack of identity
It makes no statement, but does so quite loudly!
It’s an aesthetic
I mean an anesthetic
And it’s an experience for your seventh sense, yes!
Does it cure cancer?
Yes, it cures cancer!

White Noise lyrics by Will Wood 2022

It begs the question, just to tell you the answer
Do you believe in the power of silence?
Well, if you walk the walk, can you talk more?

White noise, oh-oh whoa, whoa-oh-oh!
White noise!
White noise!

You fill your head with thoughts you find you can’t even feel
Try to make room in your skull but it’s full of them
All of the things that you think and think about thinking
I know it’s hard
But they’re not who you are
They’re white noise

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