White Noise lyrics by Will Wood 2022

White Noise lyrics by Will Wood 2022

White Noise lyrics They paint the walls with colors that you’re not meant to noticeBeiges and browns, off-whites and grayscalesFluorescent lights to shine on the eggshell groundNow you’re lying face downYou blend into the backgroundOf white,noise They fill the halls with tunes you can’t get into your headFour four and Dorian, wrote ’em for ignoring … Read more

NEW ORLEANS Tornado!! 1 dead, several injured, thousands without power, homes damaged by tornado


The first round of tornadoes killed one person and injured seven in St. Charles Parish, with a second round hitting Jefferson and St. Bernard. NEW ORLEANS – A large area of severe weather ripped through southeast Louisiana, spawning tornadoes and at least one death, leaving thousands without power and damaging hundreds of buildings, primarily on … Read more

Coloring Outside the Lines Lyrics by MisterWives 2015

Coloring Outside the Lines

Coloring Outside the Lines Lyrics Tangled in one bunk because we can’t sleepIf I don’t feel your arms wrapped around meBeen to every rest stop in the countryWithout you, oh this dream would feel so empty Turn to you after we play the first songTo ask you if I fucked it up and sang wrongThere … Read more

GOD DID lyrics by DJ khaled 2022

GOD DID lyrics

GOD DID lyrics It breaks my heartThey ain’t believe in usWe the Best MusicThey played themselvesWhile you hatin’ and being jealousYou could be over here embracin’ that loveMore love, more blessings, more lifeGOD DIDYou either win with us, or you watch us winDJ Khaled They wanted us down, ooh-whoaBut look at us now, oh Contact … Read more

National Treasure: Edge of History(2022) ,The series puts a goosebump

National Treasure: Edge of History

National Treasure: Edge of History When Disney launched National Treasure in 2004, America was riding high on the euphoria of post-9/11 patriotism. George W. Bush had just been reelected, and some people were gung-ho about defending the union and kicking terrorist butt. Three years later, National Treasure: Book of Secrets hit the multiplexes in the … Read more

Coconut oil INCREDIBLE for skin: Face will be plump, skin will be tight, apply coconut oil to keep youth 4EVER!

Coconut oil Benefits: Coconut,oil is very good for your skin. You can apply coconut oil on your face daily. Retains moisture. Returns the district. And what benefits, you know? The benefits of coconut are many. You also know Coconut,oil For Face: Do you know how beneficial coconut oil is for keeping the skin healthy? Because, … Read more

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