‘They didn’t have this pay-it-forward crap, and they just cut it to me’: Starbucks customer says baristas lied to her about pay-it-4ward coffee

‘Starbucks workers have unanimously decided that they are more than your pay-it-forward.

In the holiday spirit, many Starbucks customers find it in themselves to spread some kindness by covering the cost of the next customer’s order. The expectation is that the chain of kindness will continue for the next customer; However, a viral video suggests that Starbucks baristas may break the pay-it-forward chain before customers even get a chance.

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In a viral video, TikTok user Victoria (@thevictoriastory) claimed that a Starbucks barista tried to deliver her pay-it-forward drink door-to-door. Contact Us

Victoria says”I love that Starbucks employees have unanimously decided that they’re so over your pay it forward that they’re going to stop them before they even start.

The TikToker continues the video by describing his experience at Starbucks the morning before. He explained that while he was waiting at the drive-thru, he began to suspect that something was going to happen to his order because the car in front of him was “taking a suspiciously long time.”


So now you don’t get credit for your good deed and I get free coffee lol #stopthemaddness

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Starbucks customer says baristas lied to her

Victoria’s suspicions were confirmed when she pulled up to the window and was told her drink was on the house.

Despite feeling excited about the free drink, Victoria says she knows the baristas didn’t give it to her out of the kindness of their hearts.

she says that she knows the guy in front of me paid for it and they decided they we are not going to do this pay-it-forward nonsense.

The video has garnered more than 595,000 views since it was posted on December 11 In the comments section, users defended Barista, saying the pay-it-forward chain shouldn’t exist in the first place
They’re doing it for the smug satisfaction of being thanked,” said one viewer.

“It is literally because you’re not supposed to keep it. wrote a second It’s supposed to be a gesture”.

“‘Pass it on’ shouldn’t be now. It’s you realizing this beautiful thing happened to you and you’ll pay for it later,” echoed a third.

Starbucks customer says baristas lied to her

Other customers suggested that instead of starting a chain of paying for other people’s orders, customers should use the money they save to tip their baristas or give to people in need.

A user said, “ to start a pay-it-forward chain should use that energy to tip their baristas people with the motivation.”

“he always takes free coffee and the price of his coffee tell them. Give it back”.

“ they must have the money to pay for their order” If they are in line. suggested third- Give money to those who actually need it.

“he says that If you are driving through the line at Starbucks, you have already money for what you’re ordering. Donate to those in need!” Another echoed.

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