TikToker shares a $1 scam that apparently got her into New York Fashion Week, saying “People don’t check”

New York Fashion Week is one of the most glamorous & exclusive events in the fashion Industry with only a select few lucky enough to score an invitation to attend. However a TikToker by the name of Sam (@samiamdean) claims to have discovered a sneaky hack that allowed her to attend New York Fashion Week without spending a dime, or so she says.

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In a video that has now garnered over 1.3 million views Sam shared her secret on how she managed to attend several shows at New York Fashion Week by spending just $1. Her advice? Buy an email address.

According to Sam, purchasing a domain with an accompanying email address for just $1 can give you a media-sounding email that may increase your chances of getting invited to major events. She then suggests emailing the organizers of these events and asking for invites explaining why your presence would be an asset to the brand.


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While Sams trick may seem too good to be true she claims it has a high success rate. In the comments section of her video several viewers confirmed the veracity of her advice saying that people often dont check emails thoroughly and are too tired to look too deeply.

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However it is important to note that attending events using this method is not entirely ethical & could Land you in hot water if caught. Moreover just because you can attend an event using a fake email address & a bogus Website does not mean that you should. The fashion industry is already crowded with people who work hard to earn their invitations and using deception to attend events undermines their hard work.

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Its also worth noting that Sams trick may not Work for everyone. Major fashion brands and labels often have strict invitation policies and have measures in place to verify the authenticity of their invites. Simply having a media sounding email address may not be enough to convince them to invite you.

While Sam’s $1 scam may seem like a tempting shortcut to attend events like Fashion Week its Important to consider the ethical implications of such actions. Its always better to work hard and earn your way into these events rather than using deception and unethical means to gain entry. After all the thrill of attending an event is much greater when you know you earned your invitation fairly.

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