Me porto bonito lyrics By bad bunny (english) 2022

Me porto bonito english lyrics

Yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah-yeah, hey
The smell of your perfume is lingering inside the truck
You’re horny, I’m horny, that’s what unites us
She knows she’s hot and they don’t show her off
If I was your man, I’d upload a picture on Fridays and Mondays (So)
For the whole world to see how hot you are, you are
With you, I have to go hard
And I’m loose out on the streets, but I’d quit for you
I’ll behave nicely if you ask me to
And I upload a selfie so they can see how hot you are, you are
The other girls have to try harder
And I’m loose out on the streets, but I’d quit for you
I’ll behave nicely if you ask me to (Ayy, ayy)
You are not a little baby, you are a grand baby
Freaky, bae, I can see it Contact Us

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Me porto bonito

She likes threesomes when she’s high
If the boyfriend ain’t no good then she throws him away
And wow, mami, tell me where should I leave the resume (Resume)
I know you left him a month ago (Ayy, ayy)
And I straight up shot my shot
If you want me to, I’ll make you a baby or bring you the plan B
Uff, mami, you look so delicious
In the 2000’s, she listened to RBD
And now she wants grinding all night long on the wall
I obsess you, CBD

Me porto bonito english lyrics

Mami, you’re elite (Hey), don’t limit yourself (Okey)
Let me give you what you deserve and levitate you
Let’s go to our hiding spot (Hey), don’t you cripple me (So)
The satellites won’t be able to reach us here
Mami, upload something, give me some content
Upload that ass more often
I’m just hanging around to see if we can run into each other, hey
And finally find you
Bae, I never forget our horny moments
No one has ever pleased me like you did
You think I always say the same thing to all of them
She wants to fuck, but she doesn’t want a relationship, hey
But in confidence she confesses to me
How nobody is of her interest
But when she goes out, she gets naughty (Hey)

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