Lamelo ball girlfriend : I didn’t go 2 Dubai or Nigeria for prostitution, that’s a unbelievable lie! #Ana Montana

Lamelo ball girlfriend

Charlotte Hornets guard LaMelo Ball’s suitors are back in the headlines, as his girlfriend has repeatedly claimed he’s involved in prostitution.

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Ana Montana is 21-year-old Ball’s girlfriend and has decided to answer repeated claims that she once played a role in a prostitution ring.Contact Us

“To pregame and go to the club together or lay by the pool and get stuff, I never saw any kind of prostitution when I went,” Montana said on Instagram.

“It’s just rumours, none of it is true!

“People always try to make me look like the bad guy but I don’t condone any of that!”

“I have never been to Dubai or Nigeria for prostitution in my life, this is a lie, there is no valid proof, I was traveling around the world then.

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“These things were said about me, I am African I was in Cape Verde with family and went to Nigeria for a visit.”

Anna Montana promises more revelations
As the conversation evolved, he concluded by saying that he would continue to defend himself.

“I will do a video on it one day, I was never in a prostitution ring, I was friends with some girls who lived in the house and came over,” he added.

Lamelo ball girlfriend
Lamelo ball girlfriend

LaMelo is an unwanted problem for Ball
As for Lamelo Ball, he will hope that this situation and these accusations will end soon, because he does not want this kind of confusion.

Ball, who was named NBA Rookie of the Year in 2021 and named an NBA All-Star next season in 2022, had no comment.

His 2022/23 was quite troublesome, as he missed work with injuries and the Charlotte Hornets are at the bottom of the NBA’s Eastern Conference with a record of seven wins and 22 losses.

Lamelo ball girlfriend
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