Original Harley Quinn Voice Actress Arleen Sorkin Dies at 67

Arleen Sorkin was the first person to give voice to the character Harley Quinn. She died recently at 67 years old.

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Sorkin voiced Harley Quinn in the 1990s TV show “Batman: The Animated Series.” Her voice acting helped make Harley Quinn very popular.

Many people posted on social media to remember Sorkin. James Gunn, who works for DC Comics, thanked Sorkin for helping create Harley Quinn.

An friend said Sorkin was sick for a long time. Even after moving away, she stayed in touch with Sorkin. She said she will miss her very much.

Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn in recent movies. But Sorkin was the first. Without her, there would be no Harley Quinn.

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Sorkin gave the character life. Though she is gone, her work lives on. Harley Quinn remains a fan favorite because of Sorkin’s talented voice work.

Arleen Sorkin