‘They didn’t have this pay-it-forward crap, and they just cut it to me’: Starbucks customer says baristas lied to her about pay-it-4ward coffee


‘Starbucks workers have unanimously decided that they are more than your pay-it-forward. In the holiday spirit, many Starbucks customers find it in themselves to spread some kindness by covering the cost of the next customer’s order. The expectation is that the chain of kindness will continue for the next customer; However, a viral video suggests … Read more

National Treasure: Edge of History(2022) ,The series puts a goosebump

National Treasure: Edge of History

National Treasure: Edge of History When Disney launched National Treasure in 2004, America was riding high on the euphoria of post-9/11 patriotism. George W. Bush had just been reelected, and some people were gung-ho about defending the union and kicking terrorist butt. Three years later, National Treasure: Book of Secrets hit the multiplexes in the … Read more

in 2022 Why do the Packers have so many FANS ?


Soon the London-Packers will be able to drop “Green Bay” from their name and replace it with “International.” The International Packers held their final pep rally on Saturday. at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium before the game against the New York Giants at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday. Packer fans packed Belushi’s London Bridge sports bar and lined … Read more

‘Devotion’ tells the stirring story of the Navy’s 1st black aviator who just wanted to fly


Devotion The JD Dillard-breakout feature film, “Slight,” was a low-budget gem of 2016 that showed what the director could do. Applying an indie sensibility to a gritty, magic-inspired superhero origin story, his focus on character over philosophy made “Slate” moving and memorable. JD Dillard’s new movie, the Korean War epic “Devotion,” has the potential to … Read more

unbelievable 5 Fact’s About ELDEN RING ?

5 Fact's About Elden ring

With Elden Ring being the biggest effort yet from Software, a lot happened behind the scenes of its development that players may not know about. Since the game’s announcement, little has been revealed about Elden Ring until last year’s gameplay trailer, certainly a testament to its intense production. Naturally, this means there was a lot … Read more

What Is The Real Name Of BTS Members?

Real Name OF BTS Members

BTS individuals’ genuine names are not quite the same as their stage names and many individuals don’t know about it and BTS is one of the most famous music groups on the planet. This article contains the genuine names of all BTS individuals, the genuine names of BTS. So read on to find out! Real … Read more

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